JOOS brain power blend 90 gram glass jar against two pink tulips.
Front view of JOOS brain power blend 90 gram glass jar.
top view of JOOS brain power blend 90 gram glass jar.

Brain Power Blend


We've designed this formula with your brain health in mind. Utilizing power foods for the brain, backed by science, to help increase alertness, focus and long-term memory. It helps reduce stress to allow you to think clearly and be more mindful.

We selected each of our organic, plant-based ingredients with the purpose of improving brain health without extra fillers. These brain healthy foods provide the antioxidants, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals that your brain needs. The blend functions in synergy to improve blood flow, protecting your brain from oxidative stress and to help keep your brain young.

Brain Power Monthly Subscription

Receive a 90 Gram Jar of Brain Power blend every month automatically delivered to your provided address on your schedule with flexible delivery dates. With our subscription service, you get real-time delivery notifications.

Monthly subscriptions save $5 per month There is no obligation, and you can modify or cancel your subscription at any time.

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Ginkgo Biloba

Studies have shown that ginkgo biloba promotes good circulation in the brain and protects the brain from neuronal damage. It improves cognitive function alertness and is a strong antioxidant so it’s a great addition to your daily routine. Many of the benefits of this plant are tied to brain function like memory and focus, as well as performance.

Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola improves thinking in the same way it improves healing, by improving cellular repair and stimulating microcirculation. Look for Gotu Kola to improve memory, whole body healing, erase varicose veins & uplift your spirit.

Brain Power Blend's nutrition Facts


Avocado, blueberries, spinach, ginkgo biloba, gotu kola, and licorice root

Brain Power Blend Recipes