Our Mission

Our mission is to elevate your life experience through functional vegetables. It is to make you re-experience what your vitality should be and what our brain power can be when you increase your vegetable intake and when you eat real food. By talking to people, I have realized that we all want to maintain our health and be healthy, but most of us don't realize that the food we are eating is what's causing us discomfort. Our lives are busy and time is in limited supply. We don't have enough of it to cook from scratch or make juices for our kids in the morning. Unfortunately, the food industry has disappointed us because we no longer know what we are ingesting - if it is actual food or chemicals.

Joos is giving you back control of your life, to keep the lifestyle that you want without compromising your health, making it easier to eat well. You can get up when you want, drink juices when you want to, and have easily accessible options available to increase your energy, your immune system, your brain power, your vitality, your nutrition, etc.

After all, we are what we eat.