Our Story

Joos was born out of necessity. For a few years, I was struggling to feel well physically and did not know why. I only found out when I started working with a holistic nutritionist who changed the way that I ate completely. It was the food I put in my body. I had to stop eating gluten, lactose and sugar. One of the most important components of this new way of eating was juicing in the mornings and evenings. This was going to help me create good bacteria in my stomach as well as stimulate my body to detoxify. After a month, I was feeling like new, my energy levels were incredibly high, my vitality and concentration at my job were superior and even my physical performance had increased. This journey made me realize the profound impact food has on our body and how small changes can create huge differences in the way we feel and experience life. This result was backed up with blood tests before and after the changes.

At the same time, I was struggling with making the juices. It took a lot of time to prepare them and clean up afterwards. After a couple of months, even though I was enjoying all the juicing benefits, I was also frustrated with the amount of time it took to make them. I definitely did not want to stop drinking the juices, but I also did NOT want to spend two hours of my day just preparing a juice. Because of my professional experience in industries, I knew how freeze drying was used in the pharmaceutical industry, but it wasn't until I traveled to Chile that I found freeze dryers were being used to preserve fruits that were going bad. This is when I had this eureka moment, where I realized I could turn vegetable juice into powder using this technology. After a lot of research and experimentation, we have created a company that focuses on creating functional food products that retain much of their nutritional value and properties.

Our main product is 7 different formulas of vegetable juice converted into powder through a technology that retains as much as 90% of their nutritional value. In the process, we have no waste because we are using the whole vegetable to create our juices, and the water that is taken out of the vegetables will be re-utilized in other processes.

All of this beauty is brought to you with  from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Gabriela Touma
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