Behind JOOS

JOOS CEO woman standing while holding a pineapple

Gaby's own journey to wellness is right at the core of our company: we can't reach our potential without nurturing our bodies with the right nutrition.
That's why we've spent the past 3 years researching with the help of doctors, nutritional biochemists and naturopaths to create the most potent and pure blends. We never stop learning, exploring and striving to become better. It is our mission to continue to provide powerful natural products that improve people's lives. 
Gaby has worked her professional career making traceability a reality. She worked with software that's been implemented in cocoa farms to know from which farmer is the cacao coming from, in the same way that's worked into making supply chain more transparent in different industries. All of that work, translated into her company when she started having health issues and decided to venture into creating products that are honest, powerful and convenient.
Her hobbies: Dacing, reading, playing with her nephews
Her favorite sport: Futbol 
Her favourite color: pink and blue
Her favourite food: milanesa