JOOS Immune Boost blend 90 gram glass jar against two yellow tulips.
JOOS Immune Boost blend 90 gram jar front view.
JOOS immune boost blend 90 gram glass jar top view.

Immune Boost - 90grs

This formula is designed for reinforce our immune system. It contributes to prevent and to recover from colds and other viruses. The main components are high on Vitamin C and antioxidants (berries, lime and ginger). The special touch comes from the Echinacea, that is a powerful immune system simulator that assist you in recovering from any disease thanks to their richness in flavonoids, inulin, essential oils and polysaccharides.
Ingredients: strawberries, schisandra, goji berries, lime, ginger and echinacea 
How to use: Mix 8grs of powder with water, carbonated water, yogurt and smoothies.