JOOS detox blend 90 gram glass jar against two pink tulips.
JOOS detox blend 90 gram jar front view.
JOOS detox blend 90 gram glass jar top view.

Detox - 90grs

This formula was designed to assist the body with its detox functions. It will help you reduce inflammation, improve digestion and fight viruses. The main ingredients are parsley (stimulates bile production, which helps detoxify the body), cucumber and celery (natural diuretics), turmeric and ginger (anti-inflammatory) and apples (which contain quercetin, that assists in detox enzymes and with inflammation). 

Ingredients: cucumber, celery, apple, parsley, lime, turmeric and ginger

How to use: mix 8grs of powder with 300mls of water, coconut water or pineapple joos.