Why Freeze Drying?

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A lot of people that I run into the markets are always asking me why I chose freeze-drying over other drying methods, so I decided to write this blog post for anyone who would like to learn about the benefits of freeze-drying and why I choose this process for my blends.


To start, there are lots of drying methods out in the market. You can do air drying, dehydration, spray drying, infra-red drying and, of course, freeze drying. There aredefinitely more processes for drying, but these are the most commonly used in the food industry.


Out of all these methodologies, I adopted freeze-drying because it is the process that retains the most nutrition. I am not only talking about macronutrients here, I am talking about micro too. Enzymes, vitamins and phytonutrients most of them are retained. This is very valuable when most of the products that we found in supermarkets nowadays are nutritionally empty. This drying method can be used to create foods that contain the nutrition we need to support us in the challenges that come with living a fast-paced life without having to compromise our health. Especially in the form of powders, because it becomes a versatile alternative to boost your nutrition and add it to anything you are already eating. Other forms of dehydration used heat in their processes which considerably reduces the retention of the nutrients.


Not only nutrition is retained, but also color, flavour, smell and even texture. Have you tried powders that when you taste them, taste like chemicals? I've tried many of those in my research, wouldn't add them to my smoothies in the morning or my salads. On the contrary, when you try freeze-dried powders, you can taste the ingredients they are made of as if you were having them fresh. It is a burst of flavour in your mouth. That's why all of our JOOS clients love them, pastry chefs love them, chocolatiers love them and everyone loves them!


Another amazing advantage of this method is that it doesn't require the use of chemicals in the process to preserve the powders. It does take longer to dry, but nothing is added to the ingredients. This is another plus for JOOS consumers because I can offer them natural, organic ingredients without having to spoil them in the process.


For me it is truly fascinating to have these technologies available in the industry to create easy-to-use, convenient food products that will add significant nutrition to our live, but I found that the food industry doesn't use them often. Why?


Freeze drying is widely used in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, for their benefits, but not in the food industry because it is an expensive process. Then, my question is why do we consume products that add no value to our lives? If we value our bodies enough, we should then nurture them with quality ingredients. If you want to reach your potential and not let anything in the way of that, you can start by improving your nutrition and taking care of yourself (not in the wishy-washy sense), but in the self-discipline, do-the-work kind of way.


So, this is why I decided on freeze-drying for my blends, and I hope that this blog leads you to choose freeze-drying for your life. I have researched and evaluated many of the dried powder and how to incorporate them into your daily routines, so feel free to ask questions if you want to learn more.

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