Healing Pain Through Diet

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Sticking to a diet can be very challenging. I love food so much, I'm always trying new things or sometimes eat unhealthy comfort foods. This was until I started having health problems and realized the huge impact that diet has on our bodies and how we feel on a daily basis. You see, the immune system reacts to an unhealthy diet in much the same way it would respond to a bacterial infection. The deficiency in various micronutrients may alter immune system functions. 

The best approach to lower chronic inflammation and help your immune system to be healthy is to increase anti-inflammatory foods (ahem, berries or anything high in antioxidants) and decrease the intake of bad inflammatory food (ahem ahem, processed foods). 
Don't just load up on your favourites. Aim for variety. Eat the rainbow. Break down your regular meals like this:
  1. Half of your plate should be load up of vegetables, of all the colours that you can imagine. 
  2. One fourth of your plate s recommended to be complex carbs (potatoes, quinoa, plantain)
  3. The other fourth of your plate should be healthy proteins, and whenever possible, plant-based proteins. 
  4. Use healthy fats
There's no quick fix to this, your diet has to be a long-term commitment to see the effects it have on yourself. 
If you have questions, email us! 🙂 
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