Chronic Diseases

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Since being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Hashimoto's disease, I've been going from conference to conference to learn more about chronic diseases; their causes, treatments, and what I can do to make living with two of these diseases more pleasant.
What I found blew my mind. 
Every time I attend a conference I am confronted by the same two facts: 95% of chronic disease can be attributed to environmental factors and, of that, fully 50% of chronic disease is a result of lifestyle choices that lead to chronic inflammation in the body's tissues.
I came to realize that it really comes down to what we do in our lives and what we put in our bodies.

When you understand that the vast majority of diseases (from heart disease to diabetes, to autoimmune, and even many cancers) are triggered or made worse by chronic inflammation, you no longer need to focus on naming the disease but on nourishing your body so your cells have the tools to heal themselves.

How well your body functions and, by extension, how well you feel every day is determined by how well each of those cells is working. The cells in our body are obedient little workers that make up who you are physically. They will do exactly what you tell them to, and they're very low maintenance (when's the last time you had to tell your cells to convert food to energy?).

Your ability to get results is based on feeding every one of your cells the nutrients they need to be able to do their job.

Bottom line, the better you feed your body the nutrients it needs, the better your metabolism will be and, therefore, the better your results in losing weight and reversing chronic disease. All of this can be done through proper nutrition. 

The good news in all this is that you do not have to suffer through juice cleanses, gross laxative products, and "detoxifying" fasting programs that just make your aches and pains even worse! You do, however, have to SWEAT, SWEAT, SWEAT! 

I am sure I am telling you a lot of what you already know! A healthy diet and consistent exercise is something that the conferences, the doctors, and almost everyone can agree will get you great results. It's just that we also have lives to lead and it is not always easy to make the lifestyle choices that give us the results we want.

We can dramatically change the way we feel and experience our lives and that is why I have dedicated my life to making great nutrition something that is easy to choose.


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