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Beetroot is one powerful vegetable. We have been talking about it so much that we've decided to create a blog post dedicated to this deep red-purple root, its health benefits and the different ways to incorporate it into our lives.
For starters, it is delicious! Whether it is in a JOOS, home-made hummus, soups or salads, they add this delightfully earthy flavour that reminds me of my childhood when my mom used to do beet salad for us. We would all sit on the table waiting for it, and we marveled at their color and how different it was from all the other vegetables we had. 
Besides its flavour, what's most fascinating about this root are its health benefits. Beetroot is rich in nitrates, that through a chain reaction in our body is later transformed into nitric oxides.  This nitric oxide is a very powerful molecule in our body that travels through the arteries walls and sends signals to the tiny little muscle cells around them, telling them to relax. When these cells relax, our blood vessels dilate, blood flow improves and feeds more oxygen to our muscles. This boosts your stamina which will also help you exercise for longer periods of time, lowering blood pressure and improving blood flow. A beautiful upward spiral. But what does this means to you really? It means that you will be able to have more energy when you are exercising, that you will see an improvement in physical performance and in your endurance. For those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, it means lowering the risk of having an cardiovascular event considerably.
Beets provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and detoxification support, even showing some encouraging data in lessening tumor cell growth for cancer patients, due to the inhibition of pro-inflammatory enzymes. This is because they are a good source of a specific type of phytonutrients called Betalains. So, our bodies will feel calmer, we won't be in a constant state of fight because we are releasing free radicals and lowering inflammation in our bodies.
All of this in a vegetable that grows almost everywhere in the world, even in our backyards. Now, the big question is, how do we incorporate it into our lives? Well, the easiest and most effective way is to eat it raw in juices, like our Energize joos or to grate raw beets in salads. Why? When we apply heat to vegetables, we lower the concentration of phytonutrients, vitamins and enzymes. Much of those benefits, we talked about, disappear. 
So, yes, beet it. Often.
Beetroot powder ashwaganda
Beets can go really well in smoothies, here is the recipe that I use:
- 1 tspn of energize joos blend
- Lemon juice from 1 lemon
- 1 green apple
- 2/3 glass of coconut water
- Add your favourite seeds and fruits on top of it. 
One of my favourite drinks is a beet latte, this is the recipe:
- 1 tspn of energize joos blend
- 1 cup of coconut milk
- 1 tspn of lucuma powder
- 1 tbsp of coconut butter
- 1/2 tspn of cinamon
- 1/2 tspn of nutmeg powder
- 1/3 cup of water
- 1/4 of ashwaganda root powder
- You can add 1 tbsp of Collagen Peptides to make it super creamy
Blend it all together until smooth. 
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